Saturday, February 9, 2019

Your tax $$$ at work: Immigrant Kids Sexual Abused in non-profit Southwest Key's Casa Kokopelli Shelter for young Asylum seekers in Mesa AZ.

Shelter worker sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexually abusing migrant boys

Court docs: Immigrant kids abused in center (2018)
Court docs: Immigrant kids abused in center (2018) 02:48
(CNN)A former youth care worker has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexually abusing teenage boys at a migrant shelter in Arizona, the Justice Department said.
Levian Pacheco, 25, of Phoenix was convicted last year on seven counts of abusive sexual contact with a ward and three counts of sexual abuse of a ward.
The abuse occurred between August 2016 and July 2017 at Southwest Key's Casa Kokopelli facility in Mesa, court records show. It was part of the US government's network of privately run facilities intended to care for unaccompanied minors, according to court documents.
Pacheco began working there in May 2016.
    The seven boys he was convicted of abusing, some on multiple occasions, were between 15 and 17, according to court documents. They were being held in detention pending possible deportation, and Pacheco, a youth care worker, supervised the minors, the Justice Department said.
    Pacheco touched six of the children's genitalia over their clothes, performed oral sex on two boys and attempted to have anal sex with one of them, court documents said.
    Pacheco's prison sentence is set to be followed by a lifetime of supervised release, the department said Friday.
    U.S. District Judge Steven P. Logan increased Pacheco's sentence because he exposed the victims to the HIV virus, officials said.
    CNN has reached out to Pacheco's attorneys for comment.
    Southwest Key replied to a request for comment, saying they still stand with a statement they released in September following Pacheco's conviction.
    "We are grieved that abuse occurred in one of our shelters and, with the victims, take comfort in justice having been served. As an organization, we believe in transparency,Testimony at trial clearly showed that when we learned of possible abuse, we acted immediately by calling law enforcement and suspending the individual involved," the statement said.
      "We then worked closely with law enforcement and the US Attorney's office throughout the investigation and the trial and will continue to do so as this case proceeds to sentencing. We continue to make the safety of the children our highest priority."
      The nonprofit group runs migrant children's shelters in several states, including Arizona, Texas and California.

      Sunday, February 3, 2019

      A system that reduces Asylum Seekers to Numbers. Behrouz Boochani, an asylum seeker from Iran: It’s easy to say “2000 days” but for us each day has been equal to a lifelong pain. Shame...

      OCT 2012: Facilities at the Manus Island Regional Processing Facility, which was closed in 2017
      (pic provided by Australian government but the detention center Bochani wrote the book from has since been shut down after a controversy over its conditions.)  

      An asylum seeker who wrote a book using WhatsApp while in an Australian detention center on an island in the Pacific has won one of the nation’s most prestigious literary prizes.
      Behrouz Boochani’s book, No Friend But the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison, was awarded the 2019 Victorian Prize for Literature, worth $100,000 Australian dollars ($72,650). It also scooped up the prize for non-fiction at the same award ceremony, worth a further $25,000 Australian dollars ($18,160).
      Boochani is still detained on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, but the detention center he wrote the book from has since been shut down after a controversy over its conditions.
      He was unable to pick up the award in Melbourne because he is still not allowed into Australia. “In some ways, I am very happy because we are able to get attention to this plight,” Boochani told the BBC. “But on the other side, I feel that I don’t have the right to have a celebration – because I have many friends here who are suffering in this place.”
      The prize represents “a victory against the system that has reduced us to numbers,” he told the Guardian.
      The book was mainly written in Farsi, a language of Iran from which Boochani is a refugee, and translated by Omid Tofighian, the recipient of Boochani’s WhatsApp messages.

      Saturday, February 2, 2019

      ICE is force feeding Eleven Asylum Seekers on your tax payer's $$$$ Asylum seekers who would starve to death rather than be sent back to their own country where they face certain death



      ICE Is Force-Feeding Immigrant Detainees on Hunger Strike Through Nasal Tubes

      Reuters / Shannon Stapleton

      Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are force-feeding undocumented immigrants at a Texas detention facility through plastic nasal tubes after the detainees went on hunger strike. 
      The Associated Press reports that 11 detainees at the El Paso Processing Center have been refusing food, some for more than 30 days, and six are being force-fed. The men say they stopped eating after they were verbally abused by guards and threatened with deportation. 
      The men being fed by nasal tubes are reportedly having nose bleeds and vomiting several times a day. “They are not well. Their bodies are really weak, they can’t talk and they have been hospitalized, back and forth,” said Amrit Singh, whose two nephews from India have been on hunger strike. 
      “They want to know why they are still in the jail and want to get their rights and wake up the government immigration system.” Force-feeding can be very painful and has been condemned by both the American Medical Association and the World Medical Association.

      Tuesday, January 29, 2019

      ICE and the erosion of US justice: ICE invades Greyhound Bus, demands Lybian comedian prove he was granted asylum then lies about his status.

      Libyan comedian Mohanad Elshieky revealed on Twitter that he was pulled aside by ICE agents attempting to “raid” a Greyhound bus on its way from Spokane, Washington to Portland, Oregon.
      Elshieky was awarded asylum in the United States five years ago and has the paperwork to prove it. Like many immigrants, he carries his papers with him on the off chance something like this could happen.
      “This morning, ICE agents got on my Greyhound bus that was headed from Spokane to Portland,” he said on Twitter after the incident. “They walked around before they asked me and few others to step outside and took my documents and interrogated me for around 20 mins then claimed my papers were fake and that I’m ‘illegal,’ he tweeted.
      Elshieky said that he told the agents about being granted asylum and when they asked for his papers he provided it. They then called the immigration offices and gave his name and documentation numbers. The office explained that they were real and Elishieky was legit.
      ICE agents then got off the phone and outright lied, saying that immigration had never heard of him and his paperwork was fake.
      The agents then said “I should [have] my Asylum [sic] approval on me which is ridiculous, why would I carry that where I have my IDs?” he tweeted.
      “I kept it together and told them that what they are doing now is illegal and that they must hand me my documents back or I will have to call my lawyer and take legal action,” he continued. “Another ICE agent then started yelling at me to take my hands out of my pockets and I did which is stupid because it was snowing and they were wearing gloves and my hands were freezing cold. They handed my documents back and said, ‘next time, have your papers on you,’ which means nothing because I did and they said they were fake.”
      Despite beating back the agents, Elshieky said he had never felt so terrible as he did today.
      “It was another reminder that even though I have been here for 5 years working my ass off, I was still considered ‘Other’ and I have never felt as alone as I did in that station full of people,” he said.
      The ironic part is that I though that smell on the Greyhound bus was gonna be the worst part of the trip. Also, fuck you @GreyhoundBus. You could have easily not let those agents on the bus but you’re just as shitty as you smell.

      Sunday, January 20, 2019

      Your tax $$$ spent Kidnapping children and separating families: The "thoroughly gamed-out cruelty to kidnapped children," Trump's Policy of Cruelty to Asylum seekers's children actually began in 2017 according to leaked DHS/ICE/ Trump memo

      Trump's cruel family separation policy. 
      RIO GRANDE CITY, TX - DECEMBER 07:  A one-year-old from El Salvador clings to his mother after she turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents on December 7, 2015 near Rio Grande City, Texas. They had just illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas. The mother said she brought her son on the 24-day journey from El Salvador to escape violence in the Central American country. The number of migrant families and unaccompanied minors has again surged in recent months, even as the total number of illegal crossings nationwide has gone down over the previous year.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

      Sen. Jeff Merkley released a draft memo, leaked by a whistleblower, showing that the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security thoroughly gamed out different ways they could tear children from their parents and use it as a deterrent to keep migrants from seeking asylum at the border.
      The memo dates to December 2017, when border crossings were dramatically lower than in December 2016, yet is titled “Policy Options to Respond to Border Surge of Illegal Immigration.” In the memo and in comments on it, Trump administration officials floated the possibility of taking children from their parents but then denying them a hearing before an immigration judge and deporting the whole family—without necessarily reunifying them first. “It appears that they wanted to have it both ways,” ACLU lawyer Lee Gelernt said. “To separate children from their parents but deny them the full protections generally awarded to unaccompanied children.”
      The draft memo also considered restricting green cards available to abused, abandoned, or neglected children, as well as previewing the policy of intensive background checks of people who agreed to sponsor unaccompanied migrant children. Publicly, the Trump administration claims that this is for the safety of the children—children they held in detention camps—but the memo acknowledged that the policy would lead to kids being held longer.
      A lot of Trump administration policies are based on whim-tweets by Donald Trump and then implemented by his loyal flunkies. This was not. 

      This was carefully gamed-out cruelty to children.
      Friday, Jan 18, 2019 · 11:47:01 AM PST · Laura Clawson

      NEW @SenJeffMerkley asks the FBI to open a perjury investigation into DHS Secretary @SecNielsen
      Nielsen stated under oath that "we’ve never had a policy for family separation" but secret memo shows DHS was actively planning family separation policy as early as Dec 2017